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Our Rich Medical Coding Curriculum

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Curriculum - Basics
Module 1


Review of Anatomy

An in-depth look at the human body’s structure.

Medical Terminology Overview

Understand the language used to describe the human body, its processes, and conditions.

Curriculum - Introduction to Coding
Module 2

Introduction to Coding Guidelines

ICD-10-CM Introduction and Guidelines

Learn the international system for diagnosing diseases.

CPT Introduction and Guidelines

Dive into the procedural coding system used by medical professionals.

HCPCS Level II Introduction and Guidelines

Understand the coding system used for products, supplies, and services not included in the CPT codes.

Curriculum - Specialized Coding
Module 3

Specialized Coding Modules for Body Systems

Integumentary System

Delve into coding for skin and subcutaneous tissue procedures.

Musculoskeletal System

Understand coding for bones, joints, and muscular structures.

Curriculum - lungs

Respiratory System

Learn coding for lungs, bronchi, and associated structures.

Cardiovascular System:

Dive into coding for the heart, arteries, and veins.

Hemic & Lymphatic Systems

Understand coding for blood, blood-forming organs, and lymphatic procedures.

Mediastinum & Diaphragm

Learn about the central compartment of the thoracic cavity.

 Curriculum - stomach

Digestive System

Delve into coding for the stomach, intestines, and related structures.

Urinary & Male Genital Systems

Understand coding for kidneys, bladder, and male reproductive organs.

Female Reproductive System & Maternity

Learn coding for female reproductive organs and pregnancy-related procedures.

Endocrine & Nervous Systems

Dive into coding for glands, hormones, and nervous system structures.

Special Senses

Understand coding for ocular (eye) and auditory (ear) procedures.

 Curriculum - Advanced Modules
Module 4

Advanced Modules


Learn coding for anesthesia procedures and related services


Understand coding for imaging, including X-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds.

Pathology & Laboratory

Dive into coding for lab tests, biopsies, and other diagnostic procedures.

Evaluation & Management Services

Understand coding for patient encounters, consultations, and related services.


Learn about miscellaneous medical services not covered in other modules.

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I can't thank the team enough. Their training made medical coding feel easy, and I passed the AAPC exam with flying colours. Now, I'm on the path to a great career.

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Joining was the best decision. The hands-on practice in Practicode was invaluable. The support from the community made learning enjoyable. I'm excited for my future in coding.

Nidhi Ahuja

The courses here are comprehensive. Codify helped me grasp complex codes easily. The dual attempt exam was a game-changer. I'm proud to be part of this learning journey.

Pratik Malik

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